The first of its kind globally, OMG! is a Sugarcane Juice, picked and juiced with care, giving you the real deal as fresh and natural as it gets.

    A flavour and a taste that will make you go OMG!

Our Natural Sugarcane Juice Flavours

Earthy & Nutty

Cumin has distinctive flavour with a nuty taste and strong undertones, resulting in a warm and penetrating aroma.

OMG Cumin with sugarcane juice to give a balanced, flavour some taste

Pungent & Spicy

There is no flavour in the world quite like ginger. It is hot, zesty and biting yet sweet and warm. OMG! Ginger Groove is pungent and spicy with a slight woody flavour that lends a distinct mildness to its overall flavour profile.

We have taken the uniquie flavour of ginger to compliment the nature sweetness of our sugarcane juice, giving you a taste like never before.

Picked and juiced in India
Super healthy
No added sugar
No chemical preservatives
Field fresh
Oh so real
Non- Refrigerated shelf life of 3 month
Natural sugarcane juice
No chemical preservatives
High Nutrition