5 juices that are healthier than you thought

5 juices that are healthier than you thought

Updated: August 9, 2018, 3:02 pm

When you think of juice does the thought ‘high on sugar and low on nutrition’ cross your mind? What if we told you it was a misconception? Juice is a healthy trend and help those who skip eating fruits and vegetables consume good amounts of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients.  

Besides tasting absolutely delicious, natural fruit juices also pack in a solid punch for your health. From keeping your immune system strong to helping you fight problems related to digestion; here are five natural fruit juices that would not only keep you feeling full but also healthy. Our only advise is, practise caution and don’t guzzle them down by a dozen.

 ​1. Orange juice:

The citrusy wonder that this fruit is, it’s juice can equally be beneficial in keeping you healthy and fit. A rich source of vitamin A & C and antioxidants like flavonoids, drinking orange juice on a regular basis can have a protective effect on your overall well-being.

  •  It cleanses the body of free radicals allowing your digestive tract to function properly.
  • It prevents signs of pre-mature ageing.
  • It has excellent healing properties and is often recommended for those suffering from common cold to fortify their immune system.
  • It also is an effective anti-inflammatory agent and helps soothe incidences of discomfort caused due to ulcer, indigestion, or acid in the stomach.

 2. Sugarcane juice:

Apart from cooling your insides on a hot sultry summer day, did you know regular consumption of sugarcane juice can keep you protected against a host of diseases and illnesses? That’s right! Rich in potassium, sodium, vitamin A, B-complex & C, carbohydrates and antioxidants; it is like a treasure trove of healthy drinking. Here’s what drinking natural sugarcane juice on a regular basis can do to you:

  • An instant energy booster, it is the best natural remedy to treat dehydration.
  • It is also considered to be a natural cure for liver related ailments and is often recommended to those suffering from jaundice as it helps regulate proper functioning of liver and clearing clogged bile duct.
  • It helps maintain the natural pH levels of the stomach, facilitate proper secretion of digestive juices and aid in any distress related to digestion.
  • With its low GI levels which helps keep the sugar levels in control. Thus making it an ideal choice of natural drink for those suffering from diabetes. However, those suffering from Type 1 diseases are recommended to consult their doctor before including it in their diet. For those suffering from type 2 diabetes, can consume it in moderation but after thoroughly consulting their doctor.
  • Even though its naturally sweet, it can aid in weight loss. It is rich in soluble fibre that helps in weight management.

 3. Carrot Juice:

A popular and versatile root vegetable, carrot comes loaded with plethora of health benefiting vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients; making it a top contender for the superfood category. Consuming its juice can be equally advantageous and provide you with the necessary daily dietary benefits.

  • Cleanses the liver of free radicals and aids in detoxification of the digestive tract.
  • Gives a healthy & glowing skin and regular consumption of its juice is an excellent way to keep your eyes healthy.  
  • It has zero tans fat and helps in reducing cholesterol levels
  • Presence of high level of vitamin A helps in prevention of heart related diseases & stokes.
  • Rich in vitamin K & potassium, it aids in increasing the level of calcium thereby improving bone health.

 4.Grape juice:

Who knew drinking a delicious glass of lip-smacking grape juice can actually go a long way in providing your health with the must needed boost. Here are few amazing benefits of including it in your diet:

  • With plenty of antioxidants present in it, grape juice helps in keeping the skin blemish free, healthy, youthful & clean.
  • Presence of anthocyanins and resveratrol antioxidants helps in reducing oxidative stress thereby improving brain functioning.
  • Healthy levels of potassium, dietary fibre and iron found in helps regulating the blood pressure and optimizing heart health.


 5. Cranberry juice:

The water harvested fruit comes naturally packed with nutrients that help ward off infections and ailments. Drinking its juice, regularly, can provide you with potential health benefits like:

  • Prevention of urinary tract infection
  • It has phytonutrients that helps curb inflammation caused due to distress in the heart area thus providing protection against heart diseases and ailments
  • For those suffering from stomach ulcers, cranberry can prove useful as it has antioxidants that prevent the ulcer causing bacteria from multiplying in the stomach. It can also prove effective in improving the overall digestive health & reduce incidents of inflammation caused due to acid formation in the stomach.