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Nutricane Beverages Pvt. Ltd.

The inception of Nutricane Beverages Pvt. Ltd. began in 2014, when we had a glass of street-side ganna juice whilst on a road trip. The taste was unforgettable, but it came with a caveat: we couldn’t share this tasty goodness with loved ones back home because of how quickly it spoils.

This inadvertently turned out to be a eureka moment for us - we wondered why this delicious goodness had never been hygienically extracted and packaged to last longer, before. Three years of hard work and yummy tastings later, OMG is now raring to go!

Real, Bonafide Ganne Ka Ras

So far, sugarcane juice has only been available on road side carts. This automatically implies less than ideal conditions of hygiene and cleanliness.

We innovated rigorously till it met our vision of OMG being ganna literally dripping into a bottle. It delivers the level of purity and raw goodness associated with ganne ka ras along with all its health benefits. Grab OMG to let the greatness take over you!


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Know More

Most packaged sugarcane juices in the market have an extremely paltry shelf life.

We have incorporated our FreshFusion process, which gives OMG 6 months of sustained goodness from its manufacturing date. And don’t worry, the taste remains lip-smacking throughout this time! 

Aiming to be Top Ganna

Nutricane’s next phase is to make people witness to this refreshing greatness pan India and then the world.

As a beverage, sugarcane juice checks all the right boxes - it’s a thirst quencher, a nutrient booster and an irresistibly delicious drink all rolled into one. Enjoy OMG! as an anytime, anywhere drink with accompaniments as diverse as chat papri or habanero salsa or even an aloo tikki or chirashi sushi.

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