How to lose weight with sugarcane juice (ganne ka ras)

For all of those who thought sugarcane juice and weight loss cannot be used in the same sentence, this article is going to do some serious myth busting!

Yes, you read it right! Ganne ka ras...

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How to use sugarcane juice for healthy & glowing skin?

Who doesn’t want beautiful, flawless and healthy skin? While few are blessed with naturally glowing skin, many of us restore to chemically treated skin creams, masks & treatments to achieve...

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How drinking sugarcane juice can benefit your liver’s health

Liver is among the largest and most vital organs of the body and plays a key role in keeping the body functioning properly. Infact, it is known to perform around 500 key functions in the body...

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Glass vs plastic & why must brands adopt the healthy trend of glass bottle packaging

We all believe that there should be room for only good things in our lives; and yet at times we are left with no choice but to compromise with whatever that is offered to us. Case in point, fruit...

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5 juices that are healthier than you thought

When you think of juice does the thought ‘high on sugar and low on nutrition’ cross your mind? What if we told you it was a misconception? Juice is a healthy trend and help those who skip...

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Is pure sugarcane juice good for diabetics

When you suffer from diabetes your relationship with food becomes a little more complicated. There are certain food groups that you are required to eliminate from your diet while there are others...

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Is sugar bad for you?
What other forms of natural sweeteners can you replace it with

Like they say ‘too much of something is bad enough’ but if taken in moderation and in the right form, sugar can still be consumed on a daily basis and not turn out to be as big an evil. The...

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Author:Jasleen Kaur


Inputs by Dietician Jasleen Kaur, Founder of Just Diet

This is the perfect season for drinking a glass of sugarcane juice; after all its summertime! It is loaded with...

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