Cumin Crush

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Sugarcane Juice + Cumin = Perfect Blend of Taste & Health in a Glass

GANNE KA RAS + cumin

Cumin sugarcane juice online

OMG (Oh My Ganna) Sugarcane Juice

Cumin Crush

How rare is to find a juice that can balance your digestive system and at the same time tickle your taste buds with a flavour so unique? Not when you have OMG Cumin Crush by your side! A healthy combination of a strong & wholesome spice like cumin with natural nutrition of sugarcane juice makes for a flavourful blend. A blend that paves the way to a lean, energetic and healthy you. A daily dose of it can boost your metabolism and aid in flushing out all the toxins from the system.

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  • Cumin Sugarcane juice Immunity booster

    Immunity booster

  • Cumin Sugarcane juice prevents bloating

    Prevents bloating

  • Cumin Sugarcane juice Regulates blood pressure

    Regulates blood pressure

  • Cumin Sugarcane juice high in antioxidants

    High in antioxidants

  • Cumin Sugarcane juice improve aids digestion

    Aids digestion

  • Cumin Sugarcane juice helps to burn fat

    Helps burn fat

Cumin Sugarcane juice made with freshfusion process
Cumin Sugarcane juice in glass bottle
Cumin sugarcane juice 6 month self life
Cumin Sugarcane juice high nutrition

nutrition facts per 100ml

(approx. range values)
  • Cumin Sugarcane juice - energy (kcal)42.40-55.24

    Energy (kcal)


  • Cuman Sugarcane juice - fat (g) 0

    Fat (g)


  • Cumin Sugarcane juice - Protein (g) 0

    Protein (g)


  • Cumin Sugarcane juice - carbohydrates(g) 10.60-13.81

    Carbohydrate (g)


  • Cumin Sugarcane juice - Natural Sugar (gm)10.60-13.43

    Natural Sugar (gm)


  • Cumin Sugarcane juice - Added Sugar (gm) 0

    Added Sugar (gm)


  • Cumin Sugarcane juice - Vitamin C (mg) 13.55-21.48

    Vitamin C (mg)


  • Cumin sugarcane juice - Iron (mg)0.08-0.10

    Iron (mg)


  • Cumin Sugarcane juice - Potassium (mg) 34.12-47.41

    Potassium (mg)


  • Cumin sugarcane juice - Phosphorus (mg) 9.43-10.32

    Phosphorus (mg)


  • Cumin Sugarcane juice - Calcium (mg) 7.16-20.80

    Calcium (mg)


OMG sugarcane Juice

Freshly extracted from Sugarcane

No chemical Preservatives

No Added Sugar

FreshFusion Process*

Stored in glass bottles

Healthy for sure


Most Packaged Drinks

Made from Concentrates

Contains Preservatives

Added Sugar

Chemically Processed

Stored in Plastic/Can/Tetra packs

Could be dangerous to health

*Hygeinically Manufactured & bottled using our proprietary FreshFusion process. Know More

Cumin Sugarcane Juice with more than goodness. greatness!

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