How to lose weight with sugarcane juice (ganne ka ras)

How to lose weight with sugarcane juice (ganne ka ras)

Updated: September 25, 2018, 3:43 pm

For all of those who thought sugarcane juice and weight loss cannot be used in the same sentence, this article is going to do some serious myth busting!

Yes, you read it right! Ganne ka ras or sugarcane juice can actually prove beneficial in your weight loss journey. Provided you drink it in moderation and as per your daily recommended calorie intake.  

When we talk of sugarcane juice, sadly what gets highlighted the most is its sugar content. But contrary to popular belief, natural sugarcane juice is low in calories and contains no cholesterol. A 100ml serving of sugarcane juice has as low as 40-60 calories, which includes 20.17 g of carbohydrates, 44 mg of sodium, 6.94 g of sugar and 12 mg of potassium. The number might sound small but proves to be of significant value when it comes to providing your body with the essential minerals and vitamins it needs to be able to function properly on a daily basis.

Many fad diets that people restore to in order to achieve quick weight loss results, stress upon elimination of essential food groups like good fats & sugars. Which more often than not leaves the body feeling deprived of essential nutrients and feeling lethargic or fatigued in the long run. But in a role reversal of sorts, modern nutritionists are going back to the roots and insisting upon including foods that are locally produced and available during the season. Thus, food items that had gained a bad reputation are now being revisited in new light and gaining acceptance as vital for consumption. Sugarcane juice is one such item that is being advocated for its high nutritional value and health benefits.

Benefits of sugarcane juice in weight loss:

On a daily basis, your body requires a certain minimum quantity of sugar to keep up its glucose levels. Needless to say this sugar should come from natural sources and must not be of processed kind like white or table sugar or like those present in food items like chocolates, packaged food & sweet bakery items etc. Therefore, as a healthy substitute to sugar, sugarcane juice is a good option. It will complete your need for daily requirement of healthy sugar that too minus any empty calories. It can also be used as a substitute to table sugar in cooking, which means you can continue to consume your favourite desserts & drinks without any guilt.    

Here are few benefits of natural sugarcane juice that makes it ideal for weight loss:

  1. Rich in fibre:

Dietary fibre is considered to be an essential component in losing weight as it keeps the stomach full for longer intervals thereby reducing chances of frequent hunger pangs & binge eating. Fibre can be found in good quantity in pure sugarcane juice and by consuming it on a regular basis, you can meet up to 52% of your daily dietary allowance of fibre.

  1. Fat free:

Sugarcane juice in India is among the most favourite summer drinks but weight watchers steer clear of it for the fear of it being not-so-friendly on the waist. But there is no truth to it. In fact, sugarcane juice contains no fat and is a natural sweetener. You can use it as a substitute for table or white sugar without the fear of it adding inches to your waist or increasing your calorie count.

  1. Improves gut health:

A clear gut and healthy digestive system is the key to losing weight and keeping your stomach happy. Regular consumption of sugarcane juice helps in regularising bowel movements, expel waste material from the system, remove free radicals and in turn relieve any signs of constipation, heartburn, acidity or gas that often makes the stomach feel bloated and uneasy.

  1. Boosts metabolism:

Metabolism is the process through which the body converts food into energy. People with slow metabolism often complain of weight gain. It is so because their body finds it hard to digest food and burn calories. Weight loss is a game of calorie in and calorie out and higher the energy levels you have, the faster you would be able to burn the excess fat. With regular consumption of sugarcane juice you not only get an energy boost but is also able to cleanse your digestive system of any unwanted or harmful toxins. Accumulation of which can prove to be an impediment in losing weight. Have a glass of sugarcane juice post workout to replenish and make yourself feel refreshed, active & energetic.

Disclaimer: The said article contains information that does not support any medical or scientific claim. We recommend you to consult your doctor or physician before including sugarcane juice in your diet.