OMG! Ginger Pork Cups recipe with OMG


OMG! Ginger Pork Cups recipe with OMG

BY Hanisha Singh Chef Consultant – H & J Chef Consultants


  • Pork Mince 250 gm
  • Carrot 50 gm
  • Purple Cabbage 50 gm
  • Water Chestnuts 75 gm
  • Coriander Sprigs 15 gm
  • Clove Garlic 1 (chopped)
  • Fresh ginger (grated) 1 tablespoon
  • Fresh Red Chili 2-3
  • Salt 1/2 Teaspoon
  • Black Pepper 1/4 Teaspoon
  • Small Leaves of Iceberg 12-15
  • lime juice 3 Tablespoons
  • OMG Ginger Groove 120 ml
  • Light Soy Sauce 1/2 Tablespoons
  • Corn Starch 1/2 Teaspoon
  • Olive Oil 2 Tablespoon


OMG! Ginger Pork Cups

Step 1: Heat up oil in a wok.

Step 2: Add ginger garlic, water chestnut and fresh red chill.

Step 3: Add the pork mince and cook till lightly browned.

Step 4: Add some chopped carrot.

Step 5: Deglaze the wok with OMG! Ginger Groove.

Step 6: Add the soy sauce and season with salt & pepper.

Step 7: Add corn starch & toss well.

Step 8: Remove from flame add the lemon juice, julienne of carrot and purple cabbage and corriander sprigs.

Step 8: Serve in lettuce cups.


CHEF Hanisha Singh

Chef Consultant – H & J Chef Consultants

Chef Hanisha, an allumini of the prestigious Oberoi Centre of Learning and Development started her career at the Trident Nariman point Mumbai as kitchen executive. After a stint at the Trident Nariman point as Kitchen executive, Hanishamoved into standalone restaurants. She worked as Sous chef for the Impresario group of restaurants and during her tenure of close to 3 years she headed the kitchen of the immensely successful Smoke house grill.  Packed with the passion to please and the knowledge gained she opened her little food company in the year 2012. She lay her foundation with, Hands-on Cooking Classes, customized dessert orders and the opportunity to Take home the chef, giving customers the chance to get her to cook for them and their close ones.  From Small parties of 10-20 people serving snacks and small bites on circulation or even an elaborate sit-down, pre-plated 3 course meals in the comfort of their homes. Her knowledge of basic baking and her skills has led her to working closely with the American kitchen appliance company KitchenAid, where she is was Chef Consultant for the Asia Pacific region. Currently Hanisha runs a chef consultancy firm - H and J Chef Consultants Pvt Ltd. helping people with a passion to run restaurants realize their dreams. 

Q1: How long have you been cooking?

Professionally since 2007, but i always loved being in the kitchen and started cooking by my grandmothers side when i was 5 or 6

Q2: Where did you train to be a chef?

I graduated from IHM Jaipur and then pursued Kitchen Management at the Oberoi centre of learning and development

Q3: Why did you choose to become a chef?

I come from a family where we are practically obsessed with food. We live to eat. I can’t imagine a day without discussing and planning what we will be eating for the next meal. I associate food with fun an entertainment. Both my grandmothers paternal and maternal are excellent cooks and so is my mother. The desire for good food and cooking it myself lead me to the kitchen at an early age.  One of the first kitchens I was introduced to served almost 3000 people a day! now that number is way larger.  It was the langar at Bangla Sahib gurudwara. I went every Sunday with my grandmother and made rotis. As a young girl I made my first few bucks by catering for my parents and aunt’s small parties. I would shop, cook from appetizers to dessert, serve and clean. I just knew I had to make a career out of this. I loved every bit of it.

Food was my calling. 

Q4: How would you describe your ‘Style of Cooking’?

Simple yet refined! i believe in keeping it comforting, seasonal and creative 

Q5. What do you love most about OMG?

I love the fact that i can have OMG guilt free. A refreshing bottled beverage with no added sugar and preservatives and its low in calories