Is pure sugarcane juice good for diabetics

Is pure sugarcane juice good for diabetics

Updated: February 7, 2019, 11:53 am

When you suffer from diabetes your relationship with food becomes a little more complicated. There are certain food groups that you are required to eliminate from your diet while there are others that can be had but in moderation. Sugar is one such food item.

Popular belief is that foods that have any amount of sugar are harmful for diabetics and must be avoided. Right? It’s partially true. Yes, for those suffering from diabetes consumption of sugar must be limited but not completely eliminated. Sugar is a form of a carbohydrate and provides body with energy. Natural sugars that are found in fruits and lactose or milk sugar comes from sources that benefit your health and so can be had. When had in moderation and in the right form, even diabetes patient can enjoy sweets with their meals. The key lies in eating a well-balanced & wholesome diet, exercising and opting for healthier kinds of sugar.

Talking of sweet, when one thinks of ganne ka juice or pure sugarcane juice, the first thing comes to mind is its high sugar content. So it makes it a natural choice for those suffering from diabetes to not consume it. But do you know that this humble and most beloved summer beverage of ganne ka russ is actually a powerhouse of nutrients that provide health benefits to one and all!

Here looking at the nutritional profile of natural sugarcane juice:

A 100ml serving of pure sugarcane juice has only 40-60 calories with approximately 20.17 g of carbohydrates, 44 mg of sodium, 6.94 g of sugar and 12 mg of potassium.

It contains 63-73% water, 2-3% non-sugars, 12-16% soluble sugars and 11-16% fiber. 

It contains about 15% natural sugar and is rich in organic salts, vitamins and minerals.

Why pure sugarcane juice for diabetics?

Below mentioned are few points that will help you understand how drinking sugarcane juice can be beneficial for those suffering from diabetes.

1. Sugarcane juice is a great source of antioxidants like flavonoids, which help strengthen the immune system. A weak immune system is among the many causes for people suffering from diabetes. Drinking sugarcane juice not only helps boost immunity but also provide body with the much needed energy required to manage diabetes. Its regular consumption can help in cleansing the body of free radicals and reduce the production of iron complex and inhibit lipid peroxidation as well that is often responsible for degeneration of organs.

2. It may have a high sugar content and taste sweet but the presence of high levels of natural sugar makes it a diabetic friendly drink. Natural sugars have low GI (glycemic index) which prevents steep rise in blood glucose sugar in diabetics.

3. Anyone suffering from diabetes is always advised to keep their kidney in good health as kidney damage are among the most harmful side effects of it. Drinking sugarcane juice boots protein levels in the body that in turn helps in maintaining the health of the kidney. Its regular consumption also helps reduce burning sensation caused due to urinary infection and prevents any sign of inflammation.

4. Pure sugarcane juice is rich in potassium which makes it a perfect agent to boost your metabolism and improve digestion. Potassium is antimicrobial in nature and therefore protects the stomach from contracting any disease or infection while improving its peristalsis, also known as the movement of food through the stomach.


Precautions to follow while including sugarcane juice in your diet:

While its healthy for a diabetic patient to drink sugarcane juice, there are few precautions they need to take to ensure it does not lead to any side effects on their health.

  • Freshly extracted sugarcane juice gets oxidised within 15 minutes. Make sure to drink it fresh and only from places that serve it in utmost hygienic conditions.
  • While the sweet taste of sugarcane juice maybe irresistible, going overboard with it can cause a spike in the blood sugar levels. Those suffering from Type 1 diabetes must be extra cautious and take utmost precaution before indulging in it. It must be had only after proper consultation with a physician/doctor. Those with Type 2 diabetes can have it in moderation but still must consult their doctor to know the exact recommended quantity.
  • It is a great substitute for aerated drinks and other packaged juices & beverages available in the market. Being a natural sweetener, it can replace table sugar and can also be used for cooking purposes as well. But then again, one must consult their physician before making it a regular in the kitchen.  

Disclaimer:  Information contained in this article is not to be substituted with any medical advice. We recommend you to consult your doctor or physician before including sugarcane juice in your diet.